2022 NCCSF TengFei 9x9 Fall League will start from Aug 6th, and last to Dec 11th. There are 17 teams joining the league, 136 games with 17 rounds. This year's 9x9 league is special. Starting from next year, we will have two divisions. And the division is based on this year's team ranking.

感谢腾飞教育集团的大力支持。https://ustfg.com/, 介绍:美国腾飞教育集团,成立于2005年,总部位于美国旧金山硅谷中心。旗下设有飞师傅功夫学院,飞腾舞蹈学院,飞腾双语学院,飞腾旅游,拥有丰富的国际文化交流经验和丰厚的师资力量,致力于国际文化和体育艺术交流的综合机构。