1. Union City - East bay LaLiga Mexica soccer league 2nd Division
    There are many NCCSF teams play in the league, including: SV Tigers, CalBlue and SouthBayy. In 2023, SV Tigers won champion in playoff. In 2022, SV Tigers was Second place in playoff. SouthBay was first place in regular season and third place in playoff.
  2. San Jose - Beyond the Game
    South Bay FC and TengFei joined their turf open division
    South Bay FC Super joined their 35+ turf open division
  3. San Leandro - Mexica league
    JinYue, Injoy join their 45+ division. Tommy from JinHue is helping manage the league.

Correct me if I am wrong. There are other teams playing in some leagues. such as EBU. I don't have detail yet.